06 September, 2011

Scared of flying not falling

I realised something very strange about myself today. I think I am more afraid of succeeding than failing. What the?

I thought people were always afraid to try because they were scared they would fail, feel that horrible feeling of rejection.

But today, I was scared of sending out press releases. Not because they might not get picked up. Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen – no one replies to my emails? I know my ego and self-esteem can handle that.

I was armed with what I thought was a pretty great press release (if I do say so myself) and a list of print and tv media contacts. And I’m talking real deal contacts, not just the ‘info’ email addresses that release your email off into the ether, hoping that the right person will see it. These were direct email contacts of editors, producers and reporters.

Thanks to a friend who is a camera man for Channel 9 and the business card of a Channel 10 producer I picked up after I was interviewed for a sub-culture documentary a couple of years ago I had REAL people to talk to. Through a little digging of my own (who says my Journalism major doesn’t come in handy!?) I also had some great print media contacts.

So here I go, putting it out there to the people with the power…right?

But as I had compiled the email and press release, my mouse hovered over the send button and I thought to myself ‘Hmmm, should I send this? What if I’m not ready?’ Ready for what?

My mind started swirling with all the possibilities and to be honest it kinda freaked me out! Isn’t this what I’m trying for? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the release got picked up and the paper wanted to write about me or the tv show wanted to do a story on me? Yes, imagine all the traffic and exposure my blog would get!

But I was still scared. That something might happen. That it might work. And it could be the start of a whole new adventure. So I took a deep breath and pressed send. Now I just have to wait and see what happens.

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Tony said...

It kinda goes back to "that voice" I can't speak for you, but can relate exactly to you. Sometimes the voice tries to convince you that you are a fake and if you are successful and given an opportunity, you think people are going to find out you are a fake.
I am so proud of you for hitting the button and hope all the good things you are hoping for, come your way :)

StrippedBareAU said...

The one deciding thing I always ask myself in those situations is if I do/don't will I regret it. What is the worst that happens. Goodluck pet!

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks guys :) The feeling really took my by surprise - I didn't expect it at all. I guess I was just go go go until I had a moment to reflect and then went 'woah'. But being scared of succeeding led me to the only logical conclusion - that I am a weirdo haha

Melissa {Suger} said...

Oh I hear you. And behind that fear of succeeding will be a fear of failing at succeeding or falling from a higher spot. I hear you. Send the email. We'll be here to back you up, whatever the result. Promise.

Ps. Have you posted my gun yet!? :P

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks lovely :)

No I haven't! I was going to say you haven't given me your address but then I just realised I can send it to your PO Box!! Derrrr lol Sorry! Will send it this week xx

Anonymous said...

I think I am the same..my own worst enemy and all that. Good for you for having the guts to go for it! I believe big things are in store for you Sheri..grab it with both hands x

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Hayley :) It's kinda scary and fun and exciting all at the same time!

Talia said...

I know what you mean. I often am afraid of success. Of dreaming too big. I hope you take that risk anyway and put yourself out there. Self-talk is such a crazy powerful thing- put it to good use and talk yourself into it!

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