03 September, 2013

It's Time To Brooch The Subject

Brooches - do you wear them? I wish I wore them more often but to be honest I've always struggled with their placement. Given my larger bust, I've found it hard to know how and where to put them so that they don't flip up, stick out, go wonky or look like some kind of weird nipple cover. Occasionally I  get brave and decide to give them a go but after I spend 10 minutes positioning and re-positioning them and still feeling weird about it, I generally freak out and decide not to bother. I don't have many for this reason but there are so many cute ones out there and I'm sick of missing out. Especially seeing as I hardly ever wear necklaces now with my full chest piece. I need something to fill that cute accessory hole!
Enter the brooch. I decided if I was going to start wearing these cuties then I needed some advice. As I was scrolling through Instagram the other week I came across this photo of Bec's huge brooch collection and knew she'd be able to help me! She also runs sells-cute accessories which she handmakes herself - but more on that later. I put the call out to Bec and between her and a couple of her lovely followers they gave me tips on how to wear brooches with big boobs. The main advice was to wear them higher up so you don't get the weird 'nipple cover' action going. But they also suggested using your bra as a guide and in line with your collar bone as a general rule. And if all else fails, pin them on to collars, scarves, hats and kerchiefs!
So with that in mind, I decided to give my Peta Pledger brooch a go the other day. This was a good outfit to start with because the stitching and pocket was a great guide for where to put it. Baby steps people. Apart from the fact that I was already in love with this Freddies of Pinewood Grease Monkey I picked up from Western Wac, I was super chuffed and excited to finally be wearing a brooch! Perhaps I need to get out more? Whatever, I kept looking at it and playing with it all day haha The only other time I've worn a brooch (and it is also one of the only other brooches I own) you may remember this outfit by Stars & Swallows in the lead up to GreazeFest. I'm a sucker for anything dog-related and this Erstwilder brooch is just too cute! I was a little worried about using the brooch when the package first came but the little winged collar on the dress definitely helped with positioning.
Now that I'm a little more informed when it comes to brooches, I can't wait to start stocking up on some new pretties and wearing them out. Here are a few on my lust list, beginning of course with Bec's little business MoxieLou.

MoxieLou: Can we first please just take a moment to enjoy her logo? Love! I'm also in love with ERMAHGERD pug brooch! And these Frankie & Bride and FLAMINGOES!! She sells at markets regularly and her next locations are listed on the website.

Stars & Swallows: You know I love these guys. I got the Erstwilder Sausage Dog brooch and now I'm hanging from them to get the pug one! While I'm waiting, I also LOVE this Collectif poodle one and you can't go wrong with these Jubly Umph cherries! All available online as always.

Your One Stop PinUp Shop: So much cute stuff it's easy to get distracted but these sweet little brooches are my faves out of their selection. The glitter swallow comes in a few different colours but I like the red and the little WWII plane is just divine! Technically the last one is a cardigan clip but RHINESTONE ATOMIC STARBURST!!

So there you have it. These are on my list to own. In the meantime I'll keep practising.

Do you wear brooches? How do you usually wear them? Care to share some tips?

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