23 July, 2013

Event Outfit Planning: The GreazeFest Edition Part 2

Last week we looked at a cute daytime outfit for the upcoming GreazeFest weekender however given that there are two days of the festival that go all day and well into the night, I thought we'd look at something practical: an outfit that can transition from day to night. Whether you're from interstate and can't be bothered heading back to your hotel for a quick change or you're just like me and plan on indulging in the ah, 'festivities' all day and don't like your chances of finding someone sober enough to run you home to change, a dual purpose outfit is the most convenient option. I stopped by Your One Stop PinUp Shop at Chermside for a little help from the master of strategic dressing.
I tried on a couple of dresses but in the end Bexterity recommended this two piece ensemble and she is right on the money! I love it! The colours are stunning and so is the silhouette and although it's all repro, it has a lovely vintage feel to it, especially the pattern on the stunning Bettie Page Bloom Skirt. Slightly floral, slightly oriental this skirt has everything and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING you need including pockets (hello!!) and a built in petticoat. The petticoat helps the skirt to sit beautifully however it is a little on the small side so if you are wanting a little extra oomph, there's still room for a full petticoat as well.
The RockSteady Mint Top is just divine! I adore the colour and the shape of the neckline is SO flattering, for all bust sizes. It's made from a soft, stretchy yet slightly thicker jersey-style material that makes it super comfy to wear and provides a little extra warmth. The gold in the skirt keeps it just that little bit dressier so transitioning to evening is easier. I'll be wearing this outfit on the Sunday and will probably just throw on a cute little black cardi for the night time. In saying that you could also take another little top with you that you could quickly change into for a slightly different night time look (incidentally this top also comes in black!) I went for little heels in the photos but you could also go for cute flats during the day and bring out the heels at night to be slightly dressier.
No outfit is complete without accessories and between Your One Stop PinUp Shop and I, I think we've chosen well. The glasses are my own but there are similar pairs available in the shop. I think I'd wear these during the day and then lose them for the night time. The bamboo bangle and bag are also my own and tie in nicely with the gold slightly oriental theme of the skirt I think. The Black Wide Belt helps to define your waist and these cute little gold earrings are just a nice, shiny little detail. Of course, what's a GreazeFest weekend without a scarf in your hair? This Chiffon Scarf in Latte is a really cute addition to the outfit and although I've used it in my hair you could also tie it around your neck for that retro look that will also help keep you warm first thing in the morning or as it cools down at night.
Bettie Page Bloom Skirt $89.95 - Your One Stop PinUp Shop {Gifted}
RockSteady Mint Top $39.95 - Your One Stop PinUp Shop {Gifted}
Black Wide Belt $24.95 - Your One Stop PinUp Shop {Gifted}
Latte Chiffon Scarf $9.95 - Your One Stop PinUp Shop {Gifted}
Gold Earrings $6.00 - Your One Stop PinUp Shop
Transitioning an outfit from day to night is also a great way to cut down on buying two separate outfits if you're on a bit of a budget. There are a great range of dressy and casual outfits available at Your One Stop PinUp Shop so swing on in and see the lovely ladies there for a bit of guidance. All stock is also available online if you're not able to make it into the store.

Do you shop on a budget or throw caution to the wind?
With just under 2 weeks to go, I can't wait to see you all at GreazeFest!

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