20 June, 2012

Weather Or Not

This is a whinge about the weather.

It's too cold in the morning and at night. Then during the day it warms up to quite a lovely day. It's difficult to dress appropriately for this and I really don't like the cold mornings. They make it very hard to get out of bed.

And yes, I am a Queenslander, I have no concept of what REAL cold means. But hey, this warm sunshiney place is all I've ever known. I'm a product of my environment. It's not my fault!


I think I have found a way around the frosty mornings and the reverse psychology I have to perform on myself in order to get myself out from under that glorious warm doona and up getting ready for work.


Last night I performed a miracle. I figured out not only how to set the correct time on my air conditioner. I also figured out how to set it to turn on all by itself 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.

I am beyond pleased with this.

I no longer have to attempt to ninja my arm out from under the warmth of the doona to snatch the remote and turn the heat on rather ungracefully while simultaneously creating a frigid pocket of air that invades my jim jams and pretty much defeats the purpose.

Never again!

I can now wake up to a toasty warm room that is a joy to peel back the covers and spring up out of bed while blue birds remove my night clothes and squirrels proudly present freshly pressed clothes for my work day ahead.

Or something like that. It's bliss. Timer function. Who'da thought?

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