10 May, 2011

A Model Life

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have noticed my post the other day of the cover art for the Tijuana Taxi model I helped my boyfriend build.

This was the first time I’d ever had anything to do with models, to be honest I could never really understand the attraction of them. Sure some of them can look pretty cool when they’re done but I kind of always just dismissed them as a ‘boy thing’. But on a rainy Saturday afternoon my boyfriend was keen on doing some work on the model he had just started to build.

He asked me if I wanted to help (more for a bit of a laugh than anything I think) and with little else to do I thought why not? After painting a few pieces and watching him put some fiddly engine bits together I was really starting to get into it and the more detailed the pieces the more determined I was to do a good job! Fast forward to the end product (which looks great if I do say so myself!) and even though I only helped the sense of satisfaction was still very rewarding.

As my first foray into model building I then had my heart set on doing one of my own all by myself so on Saturday we headed to Mr Toys at Springwood, reputed for their extensive model collection. As I first timer I needed to stock up on all the essentials for putting a model together including paints, brushes and glues on top of the model itself. A bit of an outlay in one go so after finding an awesome model to build I put it all on layby. Not much left to pay off and I’m sooo excited to start working on it that I don’t think it will be waiting long. My model of choice?

This model is SO cool! I’m so excited to build it! I’m already so determined to be careful, precise and not rush the fiddly bits because I want to do this model justice!! Given at this point in my life I don’t have the funds or necessary skills to build a real life hot rod I think models will be a great outlet for my automotive enthusiasm. I’m really looking forward to picking up my kit and keeping you updated on its progress – not to mention showing off the finished product!

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