10 March, 2015

Tattoo Tuesday: There's No Place Like Home

Two Tattoo Tuesday's in a row? Geez I spoil you guys! And myself apparently haha Today's tattoo comes from a childhood obsession of mine which I suppose has morphed into an adult obsession of mine - albeit in a slightly different way. You see, when I was little I was in LOVE with the movie The Wizard of Oz. So much so that I would watch it multiple times a day pretty much every day. It must have driven my poor mother mad, but she was such a good sport she even replaced the video tape (yep, video) when I wore it out. As an adult, I'm in love with shoes so I thought this one was perfect!
Done by Chris Vilches of Old Skool Tattoo and Barber Shop (get a haircut while you're there), Dorothy's ruby slippers are not only a reminder that there's no place like home, but that Dorothy had the power to get home all along, she just had to believe in herself and try! I think that is such a wonderful reminder for all of us, too often we forget just how powerful we really are and find excuses or distractions as a reason not to try something, for fear of failing. I said at the start of this year that 2015 was going to be all about me, finding myself, my strength and my power. And you know what? It's working! More on that in another post, but this tattoo is all about honouring and reminding myself of this shift within.
Not to mention - SHOES! Duh! Haha After seeing Wicked with my Mum and my sister a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was time to get this one done. This tattoo is on my left leg, just underneath my knee wrapping around to the inside of my leg. Also, (and I never even realised this) as someone pointed out, it matches with my tattoo perfectly, creating a bit of a 'yellow brick road' effect! Pretty cool huh? Chris is a fantastic artist who whipped this out in no time. It's healing beautifully and his choice of design (it needed more sparkles he said - what a guy!) and colours is nothing short of perfect. I am so happy with this tattoo!

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