24 June, 2014

The Road to Tiki Oasis: Aloha Beachwear

I can safely say I never ever thought I would EVER wear a bikini. There are so many reasons and yes, my self-confidence was one of them. I don’t have a ‘bikini body’ and so it just wasn’t something that I ever considered for myself despite seeing girls larger than me wearing them and looking great. I guess it’s just one of those things, even those of us who consider ourselves to be generally confident people still have a ‘thing’ that they won’t do. Still, one day I was scrolling through the internet and came across Aloha Beachwear. That day changed my life.
I was looking for a nice new swimsuit to take with me to Tiki Oasis, something tropical that would fit the tiki vibe. At first I struggled to find a print that I liked, but when I came across Aloha Beachwear I knew I would be getting one of their suits. I looked at the one piece and then had the crazy idea that maybe, just maybe I could wear the bikini? Before I had time to change my mind, I emailed Sacha and she helped me with sizing. The next thing I knew I had this gorgeous flowered high waist vintage style bikini on its way to me.
When my package arrived, I was extremely happy to see that the print was true to the colour and images on the website, something I have had issues with in the past from other sellers. I was also very happy to notice the metal back closure on the bikini top, as a large chested lady having something reliable keeping it all together back there is extremely important – no wardrobe malfunctions for me thanks! Made of long lasting premium quality polyamid-elasthan fabric, the bikini has a comfortable stretch that moulds to your body, smoothing and supporting as it goes.

The high waisted bottoms feature ruching across the front panel which flatters the tummy without adding any extra bulk because let’s face it, no one wants added bulk on their tummy – particularly in a swimsuit! The seams are also nice and soft and don’t cause any irritation in delicate places plus they don’t leave unsightly marks on your skin. When I first put the top on, I was a little worried by the fact that the cups didn’t feature any underwire and I wondered if they would be too small. However, with a little adjustment and the correct tension on the halter tie top, my ladies were sitting pretty. There is a small section of wiring at the sides of either cup that offers a bit of support and prevents any side spillage which again, for someone like me, is a godsend.
It’s the little details like the soft seams, light ruching and side wire that have so impressed me about this suit. Sacha is a German lady living in Thailand and has be creating these and many more gorgeous swimsuits from her small sewing room for the last 3 years. Not that you’d guess that though, as it’s clear that her designs are well thought out with all types of body shapes in mind. The material is soft and slinky and the waist band sits firmly without cutting in yet there is no rolling down during sitting or movement and trust me, I well and truly tested that out with all the poses I was pulling during this shoot with Megan Rizzo Photography!
I never thought I’d ever wear a bikini let alone post pictures of myself in one all over the internet, but thanks to the great structural integrity and flattering cut of this gorgeous swimsuit by Aloha Beachwear, my life and my attitude have been completely changed. A big thank you must also go to Megan Rizzo Photography for helping me to feel so comfortable and confident in what was a completely new and slightly scary life experience. There was no over the top glam, no over-retouching, just me. Megan was so encouraging and supportive and has captured the best version of the real me and I'm so grateful to her!
Aloha Beachwear - made in paradise for the vintage-loving lady.

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