06 May, 2014

April Round Up AKA Where The Heck I've Been

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog the last few weeks, but don’t let that fool you into thinking life has been quiet for me because it’s been the exact opposite! In between working and my busy personal life, my regular posts got away from me a little bit. Sorry about that! Hopefully you missed me a little, though not too much. A lot has happened since I last checked in with y’all.

Easter Weekend was a series of awesome times with friends, kicking off with a raucous get together and delicious cook up at my new place on Good Friday. I was lucky enough to snag the place to myself so I filled it with some of my closest friends and we feasted on Mexican prawn skewers, my famous chicken wings, delicious pulled pork soft tacos and lots of cake and chocolate. We all lapsed into a food coma but it was brilliant. Plenty of great tunes and great company, I had a fantastic time.
Saturday we were destined for Krash & Vicki’s Tiki Bar but called into Old Skool Tattoo’s Pin Ups & Pinball day to say hi to our friend Evan, better known as Johnny Voodoo, who was cutting hair on the day with his pop up barber shop. Somehow I managed to get roped into the pinball competition and wouldn’t you know it, I came second! Not bad for a girl who’s only played pinball a few times in her life. Lucky The Man taught me a thing or two on the machine at Southside Tea Room, it must have come in handy. How amazing is this trophy!?

Sunday we dragged ourselves to Greig & Bianca’s for a wonderful lunch feast, nursing hangovers from a rather big but very fun night Saturday night at the Tiki Bar. There was a beautiful boxer called Matilda and three, yes THREE, sweet pugs called Lily, George and Aisha not to mention a Frenchie called Biggie Smalls – how cute is that!? I was in doggie and food heaven haha We spent the night and enjoyed a delicious breakfast the next morning, admiring the views.

ANZAC weekend was just as full on with another night at the Soused Seas and this time it was my turn to drink, rather than being designated driver. I was super excited as the last time we went they were making brilliant drinks that I could only have a sip of a drool over. It was great catching up with friends and meeting new ones while planning shenanigans for the US and Tiki Oasis. It was a really fun night and although some were a little more soused than others, I woke up fresh as a daisy the next day.

Which was lucky as we had a day planned to go see the Vintage Speedway at Caboolture with a bunch of mates. To be quite honest, the racing wasn’t quite what I had imagined or was hoping for but I had a really fun day just the same. It was really hot to begin with but we had a shady gazebo, some comfy chairs and some smuggled booze and it was really nice just hanging out with everyone and catching up somewhere it was actually quiet enough to just chat. Besides, we make our own fun wherever we go.

After a spectacular sunset and some trackside shenanigans, we headed back to Brenton and Katrina’s for some drinks by the firepit. We also stayed the night that night and enjoyed a big breakfast cook up on the BBQ, swapping drunken stories of the night before, before heading inside to watch the V8s and chomping down on MORE Easter chocolate.

I must admit there’s been lots of over-indulgence the past few weeks and I’m keen to get back on track so that I’m in good shape for being poolside in the US. Speaking of which, we finalised all our plans on the weekend and have now officially booked and paid for every single thing we need for our trip!! So from here on out it’s just spending money. SO exciting!! There’s only about 13 weeks to go and I know it’s going to zoom by. I hope so anyway, I can’t wait!!

Thanks for sticking out this post and my slackness lately. I promise it will be back to regular programming next week.

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