06 February, 2014

Rat Rods & Rockabilly

Last weekend the first annual Rat Rods and Rockabilly event was held at the Hamilton Hotel. Initially we weren’t going to go (we’re saving for the US so we’re trying to cut back on our social spending) but I was trying to organise a bit of a surprise photoshoot for The Man and the photographer was going to be at the event, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. So to speak. As you may or may not know, The Man is selling his ’59 Ford Tank Fairlane 500 and I wanted to surprise him with the opportunity to get some nice shots of it and with it before it goes. 
Photo by Pix by Pete

We arrived around lunch time and things were already in full swing. Brightly coloured market stalls covered the car park and there were some kick ass rat rods and rides parked throughout. I tell you, those marshalls are operating on tetris level expert. It was a brutally hot and sunny day, but we managed to avoid getting sunburnt by hanging out in the shade of a lot of the stalls. The bands sweated it out on stage as we made the rounds catching up with new friends and familiar faces. We’d just booked our flights to America that morning so there was lots of talk of Tiki Oasis with tiki master Marcus Thorn of Tiki Beat and Tiki Dylan’s Idol Hands. Excitement!

When the heat got too much, we headed inside to the air conditioned comfort of the pub for a few beers and a bite to eat. It was a really relaxed, enjoyable day. I had a wonderful time and for once it felt like we could just float around and take it all in without having to run around doing things or seeing everyone. The show was small enough to be leisurely, although I can’t help but hope it’s a little bigger next year. I especially hope there’ll be more room for more cars. The festivities ran into the night but we weren’t staying. We wrapped up the afternoon with our photoshoot with Phill’s Kustom Photography.
Phill’s been involved in the automotive industry for a long time. In the last few years he’s expanded into photography and now does great work photographing events throughout the kustom culture community, pin up and the pride and joy of many hot rodders. You can see his work in Pin Up Skool Magazine and in the upcoming calendar he’s about to release. Or, scroll down and check out his shots of us.
Lots of fun and at least these pics will be something for The Man to look back on and reminisce all the work he put into the tank and all the years he loved it, once it’s been sold. On top of selling his tank, he’s also selling off a lot of his private collection of vintage and collectibles. He’s simplifying his existence and is looking for a new project car-wise to work on. Out with the old and in with the new. I better be on my best behaviour! HA.

If you’re interested in snapping up some bargains on an amazing collection of vintage, retro, kitsch and tiki type stuff the sale is on THIS SUNDAY 9 Feb. There’ll be kitchen tables and chairs, bars, click clack lounge, lounge chairs, suitcase BBQ, tin signs, display cabinets, complete dinner sets, pictures and so much more. Priced to clear so get on that! If you’re interested in coming to the sale, contact me for the address. Here’s a sneak peek of just some of the stuff available!

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