26 November, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday: Somethin' Fishy

Today's Tattoo Tuesday isn't about me, but this fresh ink has me hook, line and sinker and is just too good not to share! Adapted from the Sailor Jerry design on the left, The Man's new koi-style fishy looks even better in person than in does in this picture - and that's saying something!

Done by Mark (Suicide) at Voodoo Tattoo, The Man decided he needed some of his work after seeing all the brilliant pieces he has done on me. As you can see, it's on the inside of his right elbow and he is very happy with it. There is so much I love about this tattoo! Firstly, Mark's shading is impeccable as always. I am actually fascinated by his amazing shading abilities, he gets it perfect every time and it really brings the tattoo to life, regardless of what it is.
I also really love the colours he's used and I can't wait to see them really pop once it's fully healed. The oranges are beautiful and so vibrant in person. The way he has blended the colours it looks like the fish is actually moving and the light is reflecting off it's skin. The contrasting green is also really impressive and adds a slight mythical aspect to it. Maybe it's a lucky fish!
The other thing I love which unfortunately you may not be able to see as well in the picture is the line work that creates the scales, they look as if they've been done with a brush stroke, which also really adds to the Japanese feel of this tattoo. And what a pretty eye! Large and purple, I'd kill to have eyes like that! Ha.
The Man's arm has a sea theme going with sharks, tall ships, anchors and other bits and pieces so this ties in really nicely. It's certainly a stand out piece on this arm and he is extremely happy with it - and who wouldn't be!?
What do you guys think? Great work, or am I just fishing for compliments? Ner.

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