08 October, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday: Head Shrinker

I was trawling through some tiki hangouts a few weeks ago when I came across this picture of these awesome shrunken heads. Created by Kreature Kid also known as Adam Dougherty (who you may know as Micheline Pitt’s boyfriend), these were part of his display at Tiki Oasis. He’s a really talented artist and sculptor who’s talent has seen him work for some pretty big names including Moebius Models and Walt Disney Imagineering. His display at TO looked AMAZING and when I saw these three I fell in love, especially with that saucy lady in the middle!
So what’s a girl to do? Call up her local tattoo artist of course! She’s the perfect filler for the space on the inside of my left arm and I knew that Mark (Suicide) from Voodoo Tattoo would do a kick ass job. So after work on Friday I headed down the high way to the shop and within an hour Mark had smashed out utter perfection! Now, I may be biased, but I think she looks killer! Mark is a wizard with shading and having done a lot of my earlier tattoo work, I’m kicking myself and wondering why it took me so long to come back to this master. It’s safe to say I have plenty more work planned for him.

Isn’t she fantastic? I just can’t get over how brilliant the shading is and to see her in real life, the detail and clean lines are extremely impressive. I’m very very happy with this one!

What do you think? Ain’t she purdy?

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