23 April, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday: Americana

I'm sure you all guessed this would happen...that I would come back from the US with some sort of new ink. Well you were right! I couldn't help myself! Tuesday when we were cruising Fremont Street we went into a bar called Mickey Finns to grab a beer and our waitress got talking to us about her and our tattoos. Turns out her husband is a tattoo artist and his shop was right around the corner! Of course we had to check it out!

The shop is called Downtown Tattoo and it's a very cool shop full of all kinds of awesome old school stuff, beautiful beach cruisers and it's fair share of oddities including a taxidermied turkey and a barbarosa lamb. There were lots of great things to look at, including the artwork on the walls, but we already knew what we wanted. Something very American. Something to remind us of Vegas. Something that also has a personal meaning to us, prior to this trip.


You may laugh, but we love burgers and one of our favourite things to do (as you would recall if you've been reading for a while) is to cruise out on a Friday night to Petrie with all the other old cars and hot rods for what we consider the best burgers in Brisbane. It's something we've done regularly for years now, so it means something to us as we've had a lot of good times out there. This one is on my left arm, on the outside of 'the ditch'.

Our tattoo artist was none other than Buddy Holiday - it's too perfect isn't it!? He was a great guy, so friendly and such a great artist. He was quite impressed with the quality of some of our work back home and we were so proud to show off local artists like Tilly Lace and Mimsy. I got to look at cute pictures of his dogs while he tattooed me which was a bonus! He'd inked us in no time and I love how it turned out. It's my favourite souvenir of Vegas! Our course we had to get one of these stubbie coolers while we were there as well. 

If I ever want some more work done the next time I'm in Vegas, Buddy will definitely be my guy!

To read more about my adventures in the US, check out my first Vegas post.

What do you think? It's still not as crazy as getting married in Vegas, right?

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