02 June, 2011

Taking Stock

The 3rd tattoo I ever got (for those of you who don’t know me, I have quite a few) was the word ‘Blessed’ in script across the back of my neck. It’s a relatively simple piece done in an elegant font, just plain old black and white. When my hair is down, which is quite often, you can’t even see it. But it’s not a ‘show piece’ it’s a special, personal, private tattoo. Just like the sentiment it embodies, while I may not always be able to see it, it’s always there – a part of me.

There was no great catalyst in my life at the time that inspired me to get it, other than the fact that I was just beginning to forge my own path in life. But I wanted to get something that would be a constant reminder to be grateful, to be thankful for all the wonderful things I do have rather than feeling negative over the things that I don’t have.

Too often it is so easy to get sidetracked by envy or jealousy or to allow one small thing to become an all-consuming negative force in your life. It is moments like these when it is so important to think about all the wonderful memories and experiences you’ve had in your life, and the wonderful people that you have around you.

Life isn’t easy for anyone; we all have our share of ups and downs, of hurdles to jump and crosses to bear and it isn’t a matter of who is most hard done by, or who has been through the most. It’s about the lesson’s you’ve learnt along the way and the special people who you’ve been lucky enough to have in your life to help you through.

I don’t want to get all cliché and say ‘live each day like it’s your last because you never know when your number’s up’ but there is definitely a great deal of wisdom to be taken from that statement. Enjoy the little things and appreciate the small wins of each day because you just might need that little ray of sunshine to get you through tomorrow.

I hope it doesn’t come across as naïve but I try to see the good in everything. My parents got divorced when I was young and as hard as it was at the time, I’m now so grateful to know them as people in a way that I don’t think I would have been able to had they stayed together. Not to mention, I’ve picked up a step-mother and step-father along the way that has given me even more people who love me and give me advice from a different perspective.

Sometimes it is the darkest moments in life that can show you who your real friends are and the fact that you can come through something negative is a positive in itself. I feel very lucky to be going through a very positive time in my life right now, and it’s times like this that really make me look back and realise just how good I’ve got it.

So I didn’t want to let the moment pass without acknowledging how thankful I am for the opportunities I’ve been given and the wonderful people in my life who love and support me, who just by being in my life make me feel truly…

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Witchcrafted Life said...

What a deeply beautiful post, Sherri. I too feel that each day - even the most seemingly mundane - should be lived with passion and gratitude, as one truly never knows what the future holds.

Your blessed tattoo is elegant and touchingly lovely, I can most definitely see why you opted for that poignant word and can readily relate to what it means to your life.

Wishing you a splendid Friday,

Sheri Bomb said...

Thank you Jessica :)

I'm not at all religious so it has nothing to do with that...just a reminder to myself, one which I'm keenly aware of in my life at the moment.

Tony said...

Working my way through your blogs from the start, I share a lot of the same values that you do and this is a beautifully written piece.
If only more people could read it and live by it, we would have a happier world to live in. I am sure you make your part of the world a happier place to live:)

Sheri Bomb said...

Thank you Tony for such I beautiful comment it means alot :)

Anonymous said...

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