06 June, 2011

I Popped My Cherry

Yep you read right - this weekend I finally popped my cherry, my blog meet cherry that is!

Thanks to Hello Blogger Events, who organise blog meet ups all over Australia for fellow bloggers to get together, have a good time and learn some blogging tips along the way.

Being relatively new to the world of blogging, or at least running my own, I was looking forward to getting together with some like-minded folk who perhaps answer some questions, point me in the right direction or just help me network.

Slightly smaller in the grand scheme of blog meets, it was the perfect mix of age and experience with enough intimacy to get some helpful advice.

We went to the Sushi Train at Chermside and there was sooo much delicious sushi! I'll have you know that's not all mine either! This was also Hayley's first time ever trying sushi so we all had some yummy bits and pieces.

It was great to put faces to some of the names behind blogs I have been reading and to discover new ones to become addicted to. Zoe was our offical unofficial photographer for the day although Danielle was sneaking in a few candid shots too, like the one of Zoe and I below. I wasn't aware this was being taken so not my best work.

 As the only childless attendee I didn't have much to contribute to all the 'mummy talk' although there were quite a few hilarious stories shared that whilst being entertaining, were also an excellent form of contraception for me! Kids can be cute but I like them better when they're someone else's problem haha

Big thanks must go out to Mrs BC for lending me the use of her hand mirror to check my teeth before the token group shot. Seaweed in your teeth equals not attractive or the best impression! Altogether now, everyone say 'awwwwwww'!

What a lovely looking bunch we are! It was definately a great experience, all the ladies were very friendly and even though I'd never met any of them before it felt just like a lunch with my girlfriends! I'm looking forward to my next one where hopefully I'll get to meet more of the lovely bloggers I follow.

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Rebekah said...

Hi there, new follower here!
I'm a Gold Coast girl but I'd definitely be keen to pop my cherry too.
It would be great to meet some bloggers in real life.
Glad you got a lot out of it :-)

Sheri Bomb said...

Hey Rebekah, thanks for following!

Blog meets are definately a lot of fun! Hope I'll see you at one soon :)

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