08 June, 2011

Girl Gone Wild

Quick update in case you’d all be wondering what ever happened to my Von Franco Eye Gone Wild model that I was so excited to build.

Well it’s finished!

I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t had a chance to transfer over the photos I’d taken.

I took my time painting all the various bits and pieces to make sure not a bloodshot eyeball was out of place.

I painted the body in a rather fetching shade of purple with a bit of sparkle to catch your eye but matte enough to keep that ‘rat rod’ look.

Some fat slicks, a few strategically placed decals and a contrasting  turquoise motor later and she was ready to put together.

Behold! Eye Gone Wild a la Sheri Bomb by Von Franco! A pretty good job for my very first model if I do say so myself – which I do!

While we’re on the subject of hot rods, I’ll be heading off to Cooly Rocks On this weekend. Replacing the annual Wintersun festival at Coolangatta I’m keen to see what the new festival’s first year is like. And to take in some awesome bands and rockin’ rods. More to come on this for sure!

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Tony said...

Cool,first time Ive seen a girl build a model hot rod,let alone build it to her style, Luv it :D

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks :) I actually really enjoyed it and it's the closest I'll get to building a hot rod haha I actually just got a new model while I was in Melbourne so I can't wait to put that one together!

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