28 April, 2015

Bust A Move

While we’re on the subject of giving (don’t forget to enter my Mother’s Day giveaway!) for once I’m asking you to give. On the 30th of May I will be taking part in Bust A Move, a six hour fitness extravaganza to raise money for Mater chicks in pink, with all proceeds going to providing essential support for women battling breast cancer.

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women, with one in eight women receiving a diagnosis before the age of 85? Unfortunately breast cancer is something that has probably touched all our lives in some way. I have seen it take both and family and friends away too soon. Breast cancer is still the most common cancer affecting Australian women and 7 Australian women die from breast cancer every single day. We cannot, and simply will not, accept these statistics. Will you?
Please help me to reach my fundraising goal of $1,000 by making a donation. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, every dollar makes a difference and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Your donation and fundraising efforts support important immediate response services. These services can include paying for a babysitter for a woman during her treatment, or covering the cost of a specially fitted bra for women who have undergone surgery.

Your donation also helps to fund inspiring services like art therapy, yoga classes and the ‘mum, memories and me’ program that helps terminally ill women create memory boxes for their children. And importantly, when you donate to Mater chicks in pink you are also investing in world class research, to improve the way we treat cancer and fight for a cure.

I may not be a gym junkie, but as part of my year of me and my health and fitness goals to turn my wellbeing around, I’m really proud to be part of this day – something I never thought I would ever do. The event kicks off at 7.30am on a Saturday morning!! That means I’m going to have to get up REALLY early (I normally stay in bed til 10 on a weekend – don’t judge) to go and spend SIX HOURS doing exercise ON A SATURDAY!

But that’s nothing compared to what women fighting breast cancer go through. It’s going to be a heart-pounding, exhilarating, life-changing day of hope surrounded by beautiful, strong women standing up to make a change and I am so proud of the other ladies in my team The Pink Patooties, not only for taking part in this day but for inspiring and motivating me to join them.


24 April, 2015

A Mother of a Giveaway

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I'm already thinking about ways to spoil my mum. After all, she's done a great job - if I do say so myself!
Last year my sister and I spoiled her with a swish high tea and movie at the lovely Palace Centro cinemas. One year I even got a tattoo in her honour, complete with her name and everything! This year I'm not sure if I want to get her a gift or do something with her instead. Mums love any chance to spend quality time with their kids, especially when they're all grown up and always so busy like I am.
I thought about doing a pin up inspired photoshoot with her and my sister as a lovely memento to keep and a fun day getting all gussied up together but alas my beautiful mother doesn't enjoy having her photo taken and I'd hate for her to feel uncomfortable about her own gift experience.
Perhaps a pamper day where she can enjoy a relaxing day to herself might be the ticket. Most mums are usually too busy to take some time out and do something nice for themselves and often prefer to spend that money on their family. But they do an amazing and hard job everyday and lets face it, they're always on call.
This year I want to do more than just the token PJs and slippers or worse yet, something for the house! But there are some classics that never go out of style and flowers are one of them. What girl doesn't love receiving flowers? And flowers for Mother's Day take her back to those sweet memories of you picking her pretty coloured weeds that you implored her to wear in her hair with puppy dog eyes.
This year you can do better than weeds, send her some beautiful fresh Mothers Day flowers at FreshFlowers.com. With delivery available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide it doesn't matter if you've since moved away, you can still surprise her with a beautiful bouquet delivered to her door to show how just how much you care and appreciate her.
To show you just how much I care and appreciate you, I've teamed up with FreshFlowers.com to give you the opportunity to:

WIN a special Mother's Day delivery valued up to $70

*I know Mother's Day can be a difficult time for some people. You're welcome to enter to send a fresh flower delivery to someone special to you or even yourself! Just tell me in the comments who you want to send them to and why. Share the love!

The Fine Print

**The prize can only be delivered to an address within Fresh Flowers delivery area which can be verified by clicking the “Do we deliver in your area?” link on the FreshFlowers.com.au homepage.

Competition ends May 1, 2015, and the winner will also be announced on May 1. Please ensure you are monitoring your emails so that you can choose your bouquet and send all your details through in time for delivery on Mother’s Day.

The winner must provide the following details:

Mobile Number:
Address Type (e.g Home, Workplace, etc):
Delivery Date:
Card Message:

14 April, 2015

I'm Completing A Marathon

I'm completing a marathon. Ok I'm not. I doubt I ever would. It's not that I doubt my ability, it's just not something I want for myself. However, it is something I need to remind myself of from time to time. This is not a sprint. I can't just go like the clappers and then think I'm done. It doesn't work like that. I have to pace myself, make it sustainable. Ever since I made the commitment to make this year MY year, my year to care for myself in all the right ways, I also made a commitment to myself that part of that would be to embrace health and wellbeing through fitness. I joined the gym. I've been working with a personal trainer.
Although I know I've lost weight and changed shape since I started out, I'm not where I was hoping to be by now. I'm starting to feel discouraged because I'm working hard, but I don't feel my results reflect that. This is the longest I have exercised consistently. Yet I've not made the progress I was aiming for. I know this is an important moment. This is the point. It would be easy to give up and say that despite my best efforts nothing was changing so why bother? But I know that this is the point where it's most important that I stick at it. I know about the plateau. I know it happens. This is it. But I can't give up. I can let myself lose focus or stop caring. There are plenty of things in my life that got hard and I could have given up on. Goals, relationships, people. But I valued and cared about them enough not to give up. I need to show myself that same care and value.
That's not to say I don't need to change things. If something isn't working, it needs to be re-assessed. A new game plan formulated. Something I pride myself on is my adaptability. So here it is. Use a strength to improve a weakness. A new approach, new motivation. So what if others are lapping me? I'm not running this race for them. I'm running this race for ME. My health, fitness and weight have always been a bit of a struggle for me. I've certainly come a long way, and it's important not to lose sight of that either, but I still have a ways to go. But that's ok, I've just got to keep at it. I just need to be kind to myself at this juncture. Break my main goal down into smaller goals. Tick them off as I go. Use that to motivate me and feel a sense of achievement.
Sorry if this has been a bit of a brain dump, but I think I just needed to remind myself.
I hope it's a timely reminder for you too, whatever it is you're working towards. We CAN do it!