05 February, 2016

DIY Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is next weekend and its usually a pretty low key affair around here. We trade cards with sweet messages inside them and often use it as an excuse to throw on a pretty dress and indulge ourselves at our favourite little Italian place, but it’s never really involved grand gestures or expensive gifts. We prefer to spend that money on making memories together on our adventures around the world. In saying that, there’s nothing sweeter than a homemade gift that really shows you care by the time and effort you invest in it. So whether it’s something for your sweetheart or just a friend who deserves some loving, these DIY Valentine’s Day ideas are a personal yet cost-effective way to bring a smile to someone’s face.


Do-it-yourself Decorated Candy Mugs

Mugs are an excellent gift for all those coffee and tea drinkers in your life. This one, however, is made better in that it comes filled with chocolate and flowers, and perhaps even a little furry friend if you desire.  If you are feeling particularly artsy, you could find a plain white mug and paint a design on it yourself, or you could buy a pretty pre-painted mug. Fill the mug with a variety of delicious Valentine’s Day candies or other little presents. Then add in some decorative flowers that camouflage the contents.


Heart-shaped Confections

If your Valentine happens to have a sweet tooth (like me), another fantastic and simple idea is to make heart-shaped cookies, brownies or muffins. Start with the recipe of your choice (we’re not above using a store bought mix here). For cookies, cut or shape the dough into hearts. For brownies, bake them in a heart-shaped cake pan. For muffins, a simple paper case decorated with hearts will do the trick. When the confections are done and cooled, ice them with the frosting of your choice. Sprinkle them with tiny candy heart confetti or decorate them with conversation hearts for a cute message. To package these sweet treats, some small clear boxes or even cellophane finished with a red and white ribbon will look a treat. Put the confections inside and top with a handmade card.

There are many beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there. While these are only a few simple ideas, the possibilities are almost endless. Play up whatever it is your sweetheart enjoys the most. Whether you choose one of these or paint them a picture, or write them a song  - whatever you choose to do – the important thing is to have fun and show them how much you care.
If you are looking for supplies for all your DIY Valentine's Day needs, Koch offers decorative materials that are ideal for these types of projects.

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