10 December, 2015

My Little Christmas Miracle

For a long time, almost ever since I can remember, I've dreamed of sitting in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, opening a present and having a little, furry bundle of joy leaping out to lick my face. Countless times I've imagined it, imagined the surprise on my face, my shocked gasps of delight, the tears of joy streaming down my face. Sure I was open to the idea of receiving such a gift on other occasions such as my birthday, Valentine's Day, etc. But really, there was something about Christmas that felt right. I love Christmas. It's a time to celebrate family and giving. And what better way to do that than to give a little bundle of love a home, a new family all of his own? I waited and waited, hoping that one day my wish might just come true. And then I realised that *I* could make it come true!
Why wait for someone else to get you what you really want, when you can get it yourself!? I couldn't quite wait until Christmas, especially when I saw this little guy needing a new mummy. So this year, albeit a little early, I made my own Christmas miracle come true - and I am now the very proud new mummy of Churro, the fawn and blue Chihuahua! He is the most gorgeous little boy, and already so smart and well-behaved learning more and more each day. Now I know I've gone on and on about pugs and how much I love them, and I absolutely still do, but I also know that many of you will be wondering why I didn't get one. The simple truth is, pugs are high maintenance dogs and my living arrangements and bank account simply aren't suited to a pug just yet. But that doesn't mean Churro won't wonder have a little puggy brother or sister!
Where does the name Churro come from? Well, Chihuahua's are a breed that originated in Mexico, so I wanted my little amigo's name to have a Mexican theme to it. From all my daydreams about getting a dog, Chihuahua's weren't really on my radar until recently, so I hadn't really thought much about those kind of names. However on our flight home from the Melbourne Mai Tai Crawl (after arranging to meet him a few days later) I came up with Churro - because his colouring and markings reminded me of a little choc dipped churro (Mexican doughnut) and also because he is so sweet! Of course his unique colouring and markings also remind me of something else...yes, he also caught my eye because his colouring is a bit pug-esque!
So, why a Chihuahua? Well to be quite honest, Chihuahua's weren't really a breed that appealed to me. Up until recently that is. Some friends of ours both have Chihuahuas, one a short-haired little boy and the other a long-haired little girl, and after looking after them for a few weeks while they were travelling overseas I totally fell in love! And so I decided that perhaps a sweet little Chihuahua was for me after all. I've always wanted my dog to be a boy and I do prefer the short-haired variety so I had my eye out on all local rescues and shelters. However I ended up getting Churro from the same lady that both of my friends got their Chihuahua's from - so he'll have 2 little cousins to play with!!
Churro is 12 weeks old and weighs 1.8kg and is learning and developing so quickly. He brings me such joy, even though half the time I'm also stressed and terrified that something bad will happen to him haha He's such a sweet little boy and I am so totally in love!

I can't wait to spend our first Christmas together, with my little Christmas Miracle!

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