14 December, 2015

How to Use Poinsettias as Holiday Decorations

Poinsettias are used the world over at Christmas. All around the world, Poinsettias feature as decorations in traditional Christmas scenes in both hot and cold climates. But did you know that Poinsettias actually originated from Southern Mexico? I didn’t, and I didn’t know why Poinsettias were so entrenched in Christmas celebrations either. Apparently it comes from an old Mexican legend about a poor little girl who didn’t have a present to give to the baby Jesus. Sad, she picked a small handful of weeds on her way to church. She placed the bunch of weeds on the nativity scene when all of a sudden the weeds burst into bright red flowers. Everyone was convinced it was a miracle and from that day forward, Poinsettias became known as 'Flores de Noche Buena', or 'Flowers of the Holy Night'.

The shape of poinsettia and its leaves is thought to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem while the red leaves symbolise the blood of Christ and the white leaves represent his purity. However, religious connotations aside, Poinsettias are also very beautiful and at the holidays, people often like to decorate with fresh or faux flowers to add a sense of Christmas cheer to the home.  There are many different types of flowers that work well during the holiday season, but poinsettias are perfect for Christmas flowers, as they combine a fresh look with the traditional red and green colors of the season.

If you are looking for Poinsettia this holiday season or any other occasions (Valentine's Day is coming up in February lovers!), flowers delivered by Flowers For Everyone is your best choice. Read on to discover some tips on how to use poinsettias as holiday decorations. 

Cups & Glasses

Choose fresh or well-made faux poinsettias that do not have long stems for this simple style.  Place a few blooms into differently-sized cups or glasses made of a quality china or glass, then arrange them together on a table or mantle for Victorian style holiday décor.  

Place Settings

Place settings are my favourite way of jazzing things up for Christmas, or any occasion really. If you are serving a formal holiday dinner to friends or family, consider utilising poinsettias in your place settings.  Use bright red blooms to match red napkins, and place the flowers on top of the plates at each setting around the table.  This is a very simple, but very elegant, way to set up for your Christmas dinner.  


Faux Snow

Choose a white poinsettia bloom for this beautiful decoration idea.  Use a tall candlestick to hold your long-stemmed flower, then surround the bloom with sugar in the bowl section of the candlestick to resemble a snowy garden.  This look works especially well with silver candlesticks, but can be done with other colors as well.


This is where my mum truly shines. She believes the holiday table isn’t complete without a gorgeous centerpiece, so why not bring poinsettias into the mix?  Choose a wide, clear vase, and fill it with cranberries and water.  Arrange red and white poinsettia blooms in the cranberries to create a unique decoration perfect for the center of the table.

Top It Off

What gift recipient would not love getting a present topped with a fresh flower?  Instead of bows, consider using big poinsettia blooms on top of your gifts. Your presents will really stand out underneath the Christmas tree and your friends and family will be delighted with receiving something different to adorn their gift. If you want the flower to become a part of the gift, place it in a small craft vial of water and attach it firmly to the present. 

The Tree

Last but not least, don’t forget the Christmas tree!  Poinsettias have long been a favorite way to brighten the boughs of a Christmas tree.  Attach them to the tree to bring a splash of color without the use of any ornaments at all. This looks even better if you happen to be using a real Christmas tree, as the fresh flowers look wonderful against natural branches of the tree. This is also a much safer option than glass ornaments, particularly if you have small children (or a new puppy!) around.


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