28 January, 2014

Straya Day Mate

Australia Day means different things for different people. Lately it seems to have a lot of political and ‘politically correct’ overtones. It’s a complex issue, but I’m not really going to get into it. For me Australia Day is not about celebrating the day the British arrived in Australia, it’s for celebrating all the great things about our country and the people that live in it. Our glorious weather, our safety and freedoms, our quality of life, standard of living, clean drinking water, readily available nutritious food, Aussie delicacies like Lamingtons, Minties and Pavlova (don’t start that debate) and of course the wonderful people that we breed here. That would be my friends. So we spent the day surrounded by those we love, having a few beers, enjoying the sunshine, being idiots and having a laugh at ourselves. Very Aussie if you ask me. Oh and did I mention there was a slip n slide?

I went for the Aussie ‘beach babe’ look which was actually quite terrifying. Not me at all, but a great laugh. The Man went as Captain Australia, others were Aunty Jack, Dawn Fraser and Schapelle Corby – all men and all very tongue in cheek! The rest were of course, all just versions of ‘true blue’ Aussies. We shared beers and laughs with our mates, not to mention a ripper barbie. Couldn’t get much more ‘straya than that. Except it could, we all joined in a rousing rendition of the national anthem before the slip n slide costume competition got underway. It was a riot watching everyone go down, some interesting techniques, including mine which seemed to involved going arse over,
bashing my head on the ground and then rolling sideways all the way down the hill. I am so graceful.
Aunty Jack came third and one a warm West Coast Cooler which he then proceeded to scull. Second place went to Dan for an epic nudie run that took him all the way to the next door neighbour’s front door, he won a warm VB which is chugged half of and then poured the rest over his head. First place went to a very deserving Schapelle Corby who had a rather bumpy boogie board ride down. He was honoured with a warm tallie of Fosters which he almost finished, chugging it all in one go. It was the best Australia Day ever and so much fun, although we were all very sore the next day. Who knew the muscles you punished when tearing down a slip n slide!?

It was the perfect way to be thankful for the wonderful lifestyle we have in this country. We’re not called the ‘Lucky Country’ for nothing, and it got me thinking about how lucky we really are. The opportunities we have. The connections I’ve made because of all of that. In fact, the party was held by one of the loveliest couples I’ve ever met. It’s brilliant really, originally the lovely lady was a follower of this blog who always brought a smile to my face with her kind words and pictures of her pug. I finally got to meet her and we totally hit it off. Since then we’ve become great friends and get to hang out at parties. When I woke up on Monday, in the comfy bed her and her hubby had so kindly provided for us, I had a moment where I was kind of amazed that only 6 months ago, I’d only ever spoken to her on social media and now I was waking up in a bed at her house, so very well looked after. It’s pretty cool huh?
THAT is what Australia Day is about to me. To me we are a land of kindness and opportunity. It’s yours if you want to take it.

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