25 July, 2012

Shrub Cocktails Take The Crown

My love of the good drop has been well documented on these pages, I have Klout in hangovers for goodness sake! But today's aperitif comes courtesy of Nuffnang Australia, the Crown Metropol Hotel and the piece de resistance, Lumia Shrub cocktails. The Cherry Martini to be exact.

Cherry Martini

Plymouth Gin
Cherry Shrub
Sweet Vermouth
Angostura Bitters

Shaken, not stirred darling!

Shrub?? I hear you ponder in wonderment...ah yes, it's only a swanky vintage cocktail technique!

Back in the late 18th Century, shrub was a way to preserve summer fruits and berries so they could be enjoyed year round. Lumia have now taken this technique and spritzed it with just a dash of modern flair to serve a glamourous range of cocktails and that little baby is my pick off the long and exotic menu that Lumia is now serving up.

If you're mouth is now watering like mine, it's about now I should probably tell you this blog post gives me the chance to fly down to Melbourne with a +1 (a lady never travels alone!) and stay one night in the luxurious Crown Metropol complete with breakfast, late check out (one needs their beauty sleep) and of course in-room wifi so I can keep in touch with all you VIPs! I'll also be treated to private limo transfers from the airport (is there any other way?) as well as dinner and drinks in the glittering West End (hello beautiful people!)

My love of Melbourne is about as well documented as my love of a good drink so really, this package was simply MADE for me! Pair that with the opportunity to sip on this lovely cherry concoction and I'm in heaven! Not only the drink of any pin up gal worth her salt, but as you probably already know cherry is my FAVOURITE! My favourite ANYTHING! Shape, colour, taste, smell...which is why I got this tattoo!

Honestly, could life get any better!? But don't just take my word for it, run your peepers over the long list of choices on Lumia's shrub cocktail menu.

Which is your favourite?

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