30 November, 2011


I have big boobs. There is no escaping it. That is how people 'know' me. Hey you remember that girl Sheri? Is she the one with the big boobs? Yeah. Yeah, I remember her. I vary between how I feel about that. Sometimes it annoys me and I think grr I am so much more than that! And other times, I'm fine with it. They're just a distinguishing feature. Same as people might remember 'the guy with the big afro' or 'the lady with all the tattoos' or even a little more cruelly, 'the dude with the big nose'. So I get it.

I try not to whinge about having big boobs even though there is a down side. I guess it's like when skinny girls say 'oh I have to watch my weight' etc. Larger girls want to slap them. We all want what we don't have. I have naturally straight hair. I wish so hard that it was wavy. My friends with wavy hair, they want straight hair so badly.

It's funny isn't it, this human condition for wishing for what you don't have.

For all the girls who wish they had big boobs, they're not all they're cracked up to be. It's hard to find bras that fit. The ones that do are usually granny bras. If by chance you can find a pretty one, they're usually super expensive. Sometimes it's hard to find clothes that fit. People make general assumptions about you. I once had a girl tell me I was a slut because I have big boobs. That was her simple logic. She saw no flaw in it. Sometimes you wonder if guys are interested in you as a person, or you as a vessel for your chest. They get in the way. They give you a sore back.

That being said, I love my boobs. I wouldn't really want them any other way.

And I can understand why some girls feel insecure about having smaller boobs. They are one of the physical differences that distinguish 'femininity'. But they're not the only one and they're not the be all and end all. We shouldn't gauge our own confidence and self worth by how other people see us or what we think guys want. But I know a lot of girls with a smaller bust who think all guys want is big boobs. You are wrong!! Sure, guys do seem to like them but I know plenty of guys who actually prefer smaller boobs. Afterall, they say more than a handful is a waste right?

I think we should all be happy with what we have regardless.

I really do not like fake boobs. I don't know many guys that do either. Can't say I blame them. They just sit there. They do not look friendly. In one of his stand up skits, Robin Williams refers to fake boobs as being like nazis. This cracks me up, but really...even well done fake boobs still look fake and they don't move. They don't move naturally, but they just don't move at all. And isn't that part of the fun of boobs? The way they move and jiggle. The way you can push them around and make them do stuff. No? Just me? Ok, nevermind...

Of course there are instances where women have a medical reason for needing implants, such as after breast cancer. Of course I get that. Totally understandable. But aside from that, I can't see the attraction. It's painful and risky surgery. What happens if something goes wrong, wouldn't messed up implants be WAY WORSE than small boobs?

Just love you for you. Do not cut and torture yourself trying to live up to someone else's ideals. Big or small, boobs are beautiful and serve such an important purpose on women's bodys. Don't destroy one of the most precious gifts nature has given you.

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